Saturday, December 11, 2010

Do u fear death???

Do u fear death?????
Familiar wit dat sentence????? i'm sure most of u familiar wit it.....if u nt,try 2 search it in pirates of carribean movie....i dun wanna tell u which movie cz i wanna leave it 2 u guys 2 find out......talking bout pirates really excite me cz since i was small i love 2 play da character of a pirate.....imagine urself having a big ship n crews 2 handle n u cn play captain by ordering people around....wit da costumes n gadgets 2 da experince dat a pirate hv really enthusiast me......when i was small i used 2 tied my blanket 2 my bed n turn it into my own ship....lucky 4 me dat i hv a double-decker bed,so it is easy 4 me 2 tied it mom always cme into my room n yelled at me cz apparently i hv turned my bed into a cacoon ship.....wat mother cn stand if hr daughter turn thngs into smethng dat is totally absurd.....hahhahha...i dun now how u guys goin 2 picture it but i is a vry nice place 4 me 2 hide n be wit my imaginations.....wish i cn turn back da time n b in dat moment......
Here r sme pics 4 u 2 refresh ur memory.......

                                                                  Do U Fear Death????

Well back 2 da real thng....Do i fear death???? of coz i do.....anyone shud is a journey 2 da after world n mind u dat it is a vry painful process 2 gt there.....u wll left alone in a vry dark place witout no one cn cme n help u......ur soul wll b separated frm ur body n say bye bye 2 dis beatiful n temporary world......ur journey is still far in da aftr world isn't easy cz it hv 2 depend on ur deeds......bad deeds lead 2 hell n gud deeds lead 2 thnk back many gud deeds hv u done since u r born 2 dis world?????? scary isn't it 2 thnk bout our sin????? how many of u r ready 2 step into da door 2 da aftr life??????? i guess nt many of u wll raise ur hand n b cnfindent bout it.......i'm just like u.......sme.....there is tones of sin dat i hv 2 erase n b forgiven by God......i noe it's hard.....but according 2 my religion,i cn.....just u need 2 b sincerely change urself n pray 4 forgiveness......i still dunno whether i cn fully change myself into a better person n b a whole new person cz there is a lot of thngs in dis world dat still nt been discovered by me....i noe dat it sounds like an excuse 2 escape frm my duty as a muslim but i'm nt sure whether i cn change n frgt bout doin sins.....i dunno......i'm a person who beliefs dat evrythng i do,if i still stick 2 my tradition n religion,i'm gud.....but smetimes i rather b flexible wit da surroundings......being a muslim n especially 4 a girl,u need 2 hv a lot of patience n knowledge bout islam b4 stepping out ur feet 2 da outside world....dat is y as a girl we need 2 dig da knowledge n imply it in our life so dat we wll nt b in da dark side.......hmmmmmm......pray 4 me dat i wn't end up 2 b in da dark side......n i hope one day i cn mke up my mind 2 fully transform myself into smeone who is bound 2 hr religion.......insya-Allah....well i guess i dun hv any sentence mre in my i btter stop b4 i end up cracking my head 2 writting smethng dat i'm sure dat u guys wn't b interested in knowing.....hahahha.....
                                                                                                         till den,
                                                                                                        Love Kiwi