Thursday, May 5, 2011

Between chess and a genius.......

how cn u develop ur child's genius by teching them 2 play chess???

believe it or nt,u cn teach ur baby 2 play chess n turn ur child 2 a genius by playing a simple chess game.....

What will your child learn from playing Chess? 

- He will learn how to put together a plan, and follow up on it.
- He will learn to calculate a few moves ahead of time, based on memory and imagination.
- He will learn how to concentrate.
- He will learn the difference between strategy and tactics.
- He will learn to think before he acts. That every move has consequences.
- He will learn to play fair and to be courteous.
- He will improve his visual memory and visual discrimination.
- He will learn how to follow the rules.
- He will learn to take responsibility.
- He will learn to have patience.
- He will develop his creativity. 

mayb it is still nt a study but u cn take da risk just 2 mke ur child a btter prson in da future.....

it is worth taking da risk den letting ur child abandon 
wit no skills rite???? 

love Kiwi...