Sunday, January 13, 2013

Current Obsession!

1. Sleeping. 

2. Eating.

3. Watching dramas and variety shows!

There are many dramas and variety shows that hit me these days. I took a lot of dramas, movies and variety shows from few of my friends before the exam ends. It is just something for me during the semester break. And also something for me to have good laugh and to let out of my stress. 

I should put karaoke as the fourth obsession but i don't have the time to enjoy my throat to the max at the "noraebang" lately. So what i did is just, singing the hell out of me with my favourite songs on youtube. You guys should try it. It helps for someone that has this pathetic situation as mine. I wish i can enjoy my time with my girlfriends and friends at Red Box. Really miss the time when we can go out with each other and spend quality time with each other. 

It is 5.10 in the morning and i just finish watching the 5th episode of Running Man. I know i'm late with this world phenomena, but i can't seem to betray my ultimate favourite Korean variety show, 2 Day and 1 Night. The idea of these two variety show is the same but the difference is that in Running Man, the cast has to constantly running and complete the task given. In 2 Days and 1 Night on the other hand, focus more on the scenery of beautiful places nin Korea and also the place's specialty. 

So, i hope i can let out all of my stress this holiday and be able to cheer myself.